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The Problem

I was dimpling the ribs and trailing edge of my right wing with a pneumatic squeezer the other night, when I made a rather large blunder.  I was almost finished when the female dimple die grabbed the edge of the large rear spar doubler.  I was too quick on the draw and pressed the lever on the squeezer.  Since the female die was caught, the male die just pushed the flange of the spar in about 1/4".  This wouldn't necessarily be a problem except that the edge of the die punched a perfectly round hole (or 1/2 hole, actually) in the flange the size of the male die.

I have made a couple of sketches below to aid in the understanding of my mistake.
OK.  So the problem occured about three rivets inboard of the end of the doubler on the rear spar.  The pneumatic squeezer pushed so hard on the flange that it punched a hole the size of the dimple die (about 1/2") in the flange.  I cut this area out, polished the edges, and made a doubler strip shown in the next drawing.
This drawing shows the shape of the notch I cut out (it does not extend into the web at all).  The red part shows the doubler strip I want to rivet underneath the flange. I expect .040 or .063.  I will then make a small piece to perfectly fill the notch.  That will be riveted to the doubler strip.

The question is, will this fix be strong enough, or do I need a whole new rear spar (which means removing the current rear spar).


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