Electrical Stuff

I'm a software geek, so this electrical stuff does NOT come naturally. Bob Nuckolls book certainly helps, but I recently ran a project where we had to gut the old training system out of a Canadian military training aircraft and replace it with one of my companies designs.  Well, let me tell you, was THAT a learning experience.  I looked at more electrical drawings than you can shake a stick at.  Although the drawings were both numerous and detailed, the good side was that they were numerous and detailed ;-)  I decided to try and use the same style for my -8.

There is a master electrical systems drawing, which is decomposed into the various systems, then into components.  The last section of drawings contains the definition matrices for the connectors and wires.  It looks like overkill, and I'm positive that it is, but it is a learning experience, and my drawings will be super detailed and useful (I hope ;-)

Here are a few of the drawings.  I'm nowhere close to be completed, so I will just put a few up for now.  The drawings that are here have not been vetted for accuracy yet, and they will no doubt change, but they are interesting nonetheless.

Note: (June 1, 2003) Well, I have decided to ditch the idea of using the EXP BUS electrical system. I actually mounted it and started running wires, but it kept bugging me. I just couldn't shake the feeling that poor little PC board wasn't going to stand up well to the Lycosaur for the next 20 years or more. So, I ripped it out and have started installing a Bob Nuckolls based design. I have included pictures of both the EXP BUS board where you can see the dinky little tabs that form part of the mounting system.

This link will take you to the drawings. There are 30 some odd of them, essentially in pairs, except for summary pages. Each pair includes the wiring diagram itself, and a second page of tables containing connector types, wire sizes and names, etc. You'll find I have been lazy and haven't filled many of those second pages out yet. Someday....

Note: (April 14, 2006) Speaking of lazy, I changed the registration of the airplane to C-GURV from C-FRVR about six months before first flight. I also changed all of the drawings to reflect this. You'll note that I haven't updated the drawings here. This is because my computer with all of the drawings was stolen in a house break in, and I haven't fully re-constituted them yet. I'm working on it, especially since there are a number of additions I have made since the drawings here were produced.

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