Our RV-8 Project

"You are doing what ?!?!  Building an airplane ?  Oh, you mean an ultralight."

I don't know how many times I have heard this exact phase.  Countless.  And the conversation eventually gets to "So, when are you going to be done ?"

ARGHH! I normally answered "Thursday."  I never said what month or year, just "Thursday". And guess what, it was actually a Friday !!! Friday, October 15th, 2004.

Anyway, I built an RV-8.  What is it you ask.  Well, it is a low wing, all metal, 225 mph airplane that will take us from Ottawa to Nova Scotia in around three to four hours.  Or Florida in an afternoon.  Or the west coast in a day (if you work at it ;-).  In fact, just about anywhere. 


Started - April 1999

Final Inspection – Oct 15 2004

First Flight - 6 November 2004

Build time - ~1600 hrs

Engine – IO-360-A3B6D “0 Timed” by Leavens in Toronto

Prop – Catto 3 Blade, 66 x 78

RMI uMonitor and uEncoder

MicroAir 760 Com and T2000 xpndr

Garmin 196 GPS

Flightcom Intercom

Dynon D-10 with remote compass


Steam gauges for Airspeed, Altimeter, compass

Vans Fuel, Tach, and MP gauges

I have to thank my buddy John Perrin (80118). I could not have finished this airplane without his help, encouragement, and the fact he finished first, so I got learn from his mistakes too ;-) But I especially have to thank my wife, Linda. She understands what it means to dream, and has been a constant inspiration to me since the day we first starting seeing each other.

You have all heard this before, but I’ll say it anyway: “Keep pounding those rivets. It is worth every second.”

If you have any questions or comments:

What's on the site ?

On this site, the status will change change whenever I remember to do it. We finally bought a digital camera, so I can't use the "film developing" excuse any more.  Each link below will take you to a different portion of the airplane.  I have jpg images on each page to show you my progress.  One of the links contains a graphical representation of my progress to date (a blatant rip-off of others I've seen on the web), as well as the latest spreadsheet of my hours to date.  That spreadsheet gets updated whenever I fill a sheet of binder paper I have taped to my workshop door.
The Tail                  Last updated:  22 February 2004

The Wing Page 1   Last updated:  21 November 1999

The Wing Page 2   Last updated:  7 August 2000

The Fuselage Page 1         Last updated:  13 April 2003

The Fuselage Page 2         Last updated:  10 April 2004

The Finishing Kit    Last updated: 28 June 2004

The Engine            Last Updated: 2 March 2004

The Panel              Last Updated:  24 October 2003

The Paint Job              Last Updated:  22 October 2005

Electrical Stuff        Last updated:  27 Sept 2011 (Put all drawings in a PDF) 

Project Status        Last updated:  14 April 2006 

Cool Links            Last updated:   10 January 2003 


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