The Wing (Page 1)

Ya know, there is an AWFUL pile of ribs to be smoothed, straightend, fluted, marked, etc, etc......
It just seems to go on, and on, and on .....
Here the rear sars are being prepared.  An easy job, really
Before you start attaching ribs to the main spar, you need to prepare the fuel tank attach nut-plates.
Get used to nut-plates.  I'm helping my buddy John with his RV-8 fuselage and there are, as Carl Sagan says, "Billions, and billions" of nut-plates.
Here is where you actually start getting something that looks cool.  This is an easy job as well.
And this is what it looks like in the jig.  I'm doing both wings at the same time. 
Here the flaps are started.  This is an easy control surface to do, except for riveting the skins to the ribs.
My forearm is a little on the beefy side, so I had a helluva a time getting my arm and the bucking bar in there to set the rivets.  I managed to put a pretty good dent in the top of one flap, but it isn't catastrophic, and Bondo is cheap.  With an hour of work, no one will ever realize there is a dent at all.


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